There are now a number of alternative finance providers on the market, with CT Lending being a major player – however many business owners still don’t understand the many options available. Many SMEs cannot rely on high street banks for funding, but thanks to alternative finance lenders they can still gain access to a range of finance solutions.

Our commercial finance specialists are proud to have helped hundreds of UK businesses to achieve their funding requirements. We look at each business in detail to understand its needs and suggest a bespoke finance solution. From short term cash advances to long term loans and funding options up to millions of pounds, our finance experts will find the right fit for your business.

Here are some of our alternative finance solutions we specialise in:

Peer to Peer / Crowd Funding

This type of funding works by utilising a host of small investors, rather than one large financial institution. Your circumstances and business history will dictate how much you can borrow and how long for.

Invoice / Factoring

If you rely on invoices being paid to run your business, this is a great finance solution. Your funding level will grow with your business, so it reduces the chance of debt.

Merchant Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance uses the security of your debit and credit card sales as status for borrowing. This fast and short term finance solution is great for shops, cafes, B&Bs and other small businesses.

Pension Led Funding

Pension-based lending is a way to use your pension pot as a business loan. Many business owners don’t realise the potential of their pension as a valuable asset.

If you’d like to learn more about boosting your business with an alternative finance solution, get in touch with our experts.



Secured and unsecured funding solutions provided through Peer to Peer and crowd-lending platforms.

CT Lending is an alternative finance pioneer and we are very active in the Peer to Peer environment working as a sponsor to all of the major Peer to Peer lending platforms.

Our ability to deliver fast, peer to peer loan solutions to businesses of all sizes is something for which we are renowned and our service is second to none. Our clients include businesses throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Crowd funding is the process of borrowing from a syndicate of small investors simultaneously, instead of just one larger financial institution. At the end of a successful auction the bids with the lowest interest rates are selected and you get an offer based on the average rate.

To qualify for this type of finance, your business must be profitable and prove you are able to make repayments. Crowd funders generally look at historical data and won’t lend against projections.

Unsecured business loans

Unsecured business loans of up to £250,000 for terms up to five years are available

Secured business loans

Secured business loans of up to several million are subject to asset quality, credit checks and Loan to Value You must be an established business, usually with 2 years’ trading history and a sound credit profile.  Peer to peer lending is a fast-growing alternative finance option from which many business throughout the UK have benefitted.

Based in Arclid near Sandbach, CT Lending can provide affordable peer to peer lending solutions, tailored to your business’ requirements. To learn more, please get in touch with us.

Further to our peer to peer lending services, we also offer merchant cash advances and invoice discounting services.



A merchant cash advance from CT Lending could help your business to get ahead.

CT Lending provides fast, short-term finance for businesses that take card payments.

A merchant cash advance is an alternative finance solution allowing a business in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to raise finance using the receipts from card processing terminals as security for the borrowing facility. If you have processed debit and credit cards for more than 4 months, then you are potentially eligible for an immediate cash advance.

This type of facility is generally related to the average monthly card turnover processed through your card machine with different providers offering different percentages. Some funders will also take into account your non card related income when agreeing their advance.

The normal minimum amount advanced is £3,500 up to a maximum of £500,000.

This is not a traditional loan. A fee is added by the funder to the advance made and you repay that advance by giving a percentage of your daily card receipts directly to the provider.

Use is not restricted to shops, pubs and restaurants, we just find it is most popular with those types of business, but we have also helped with unsecured finance for MOT stations, used car dealers, hairdressing salons, solicitors, garden centres, hotels and many other small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK.

Please see our product guides for an example. If you are within the UK and would like to request a merchant cash advance or simply wish to learn more about our alternative finance solutions, please get in touch with us.



Simple working capital finance releasing funds against some or all of your customer invoices.

Invoice finance is the process of immediately freeing up cash from your invoices to your customers. Instead of waiting for 30 – 60 days for your invoice to be paid, you simply sell it to an invoice financier who will advance up to 90% of the invoice immediately. It keeps cash running through the business so you can pay for your own costs and bills, and make growth purchasing decisions. With bank overdrafts and other forms of short-term business finance that were traditionally used to aid your business’s cash flow increasingly unavailable, this form of funding is a highly agile funding method for many SMEs.

There are different forms of invoice finance, with differing benefits and drawbacks. Put simply though, invoice finance does the following for your business:

Releases up to 90% of the invoice amount available within 1-2 days of raising an invoice.

  • Unlike an overdraft, funding levels grow as your business does.
  • It shortens your billing cycle.
  • It can improve your own credit rating through prudent cash management.
  • It can be completely confidential from your debtors.
  • You retain control over your billing function or outsource it.

With the plethora of new and highly flexible solutions that mean you can select single invoices or debtors to discount as well as the whole of your debtor book, this is an area where an SME needs specialist advice and our consultants are well placed to deliver the most appropriate solution for your business’ finance needs.

It’s our aim to make invoice discounting simple and hassle-free.

Flexible, bespoke trade finance services 

CT Lending works with a number of specialist trade finance providers throughout the UK. These are essentially lenders who help businesses grow by financing their exports and imports in all sorts of innovative ways.

This can include stock finance, general supply chain finance solutions for businesses who supply large corporates.

Facilities in this area are almost exclusively bespoke.

Speak to one of our business finance specialists who can guide you through the complex trade finance environment. Call the team at Genie Lending today to discuss your invoice discounting requirements.

We hope to be of service to you soon.

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